Has your solicitor being telling you about the delays with the divorce process?

Has it been driving you mad?

Do you think they are just giving excuses for not moving things forward? Do they mention Bury St Edmonds and you wonder what is wrong with them, as you live in Berkshire or similar.

Well, I want to tell you, it is all true and now we have the evidence.

Thank you to Resolution ( the organisation for Family Solicitors) for passing on the update from Bury St Edmunds Divorce Court which acknowledges that the Court is suffering delay in processing divorces.

'The reasons for this are complex but we can assure you that we are taking a number of urgent actions to address them. We are confident that we will return to normal levels of service by Christmas.'

Oh but you need to know why it is Bury St Edmunds? Weil I have no idea.  Sorry, what I mean to say is that of all the Courts in all the land, Bury St Edmunds was selected to be the Divorce Centre for London and the South East, so anyone who wants a divorce now has to issue at Bury St Edmonds. No wonder there are complex reasons for delay.

I hope it is in better order for Christmas, divorce can be very difficult and to have unnecessary delay in the process can be very disheartening.