Recently, I have been dealing with more and more queries from clients who, when preparing new wills for themselves, want to know what they can do for any pets they may leave behind. Whether a dog, cat, rabbit or any other animal, pets play such a massive part in our lives it is understandable that people want to make sure they are well looked after if they are gone. 

There are various options which can be considered to ensure that your pets are well cared for if you are no longer around to do so. Fortunately, people are often lucky enough to know that their loved ones would continue to care for their pets, but they can be helped in doing so under the terms of an appropriately drafted will.

The Dogs Trust & Cats Protection have taken this one step further in relation to our canine and feline friends, with their 'Canine Care Card' and 'Cat Guardian' schemes. These are free services which guarantee the rehoming or onward care of a person's dog or cat if they passed away before their pets do. 

Whilst sometimes overlooked, it is forward-thinking such as this which can make the administration process that much easier for the family