The latest Office of National Statistics stats on divorce are out. The 'Statistician's Quote' confirms that divorce rates in 2014 were lower for all age groups except women aged 55 and over. 

The media in the summer picked up on the term 'silver surfers' to describe an increase in couples in their late fifties getting divorced. This makes me start to ponder the reasons why this group have seen an increase in divorce levels. It may be because they are demanding more out of life. Or perhaps with divorce being ever more common in our society, it has caused couples in their late fifties to no longer feel pressurised to have to “put up with it” and remain married. 

If any of these newly single women in their late fifties decide that they do wish to give marriage another go then they should consider a pre-nuptial agreement the second time round to protect their assets they have built up throughout their lives.