Interesting article in The Times today exploring whether  a spouse's family wealth can be considered in making provision for the spouse on divorce.

Extract: The wealth of  father should be taken into account when determining a divorce settlement, the Court of Appeal has heard.  A former Goldman Sachs banker is arguing that he should not have to pay his former wife £5.5 million to buy a new home, on top of a £2 million package, because her industrialist father is “remarkably wealthy”. ..

When they divorced, Mr Radwan was ordered to hand his ex, Hayat Alireza, 38, a £2 million lump sum, plus the right to stay in their marital home next to the Albert Hall.But refusing her a greater settlement, a divorce judge said penniless Miss Alireza is likely to inherit a vast fortune - potentially more than £100m - when her father dies.Appealing, the stay-at-home mum says the £5 million penthouse apartment, which overlooks the Albert Hall and Kensington Gardens, is too small and it is "unfair" that her elderly father is expected to look after her."

In practice, the judge is placing on the wife's father an obligation to ensure that the wife is provided for," said her barrister, Robert Peel QC.

He added: "There is no principle of law that a wife should become the responsibility of her birth family upon divorce."