If you are or about to become involved  in court proceedings about your children, then you need to know about CAFCASS.

CAFCASS is The Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service. It looks after the interests of children involved in family proceedings in the Court.

I highly recommend their website


It contains a wealth of very useful information.

Find out about

- parenting plans

- safeguarding letters

and most recently the new Assessment Framework.

The Court may decide that your case needs a report from a Family Court Advisor ( FCA ) from CAFCASS.

If so, the new Assessment Framework sets out how they will assess your case and prepare their report.

I strongly recommend that you read as much as you can and do your own research so that you know what will be happening in your court case whether or not you are undertaking the case yourself or instructing a solicitor. Understanding what CAFCASS is about is a big part of that, and it is all very accessible on their website.