The Government appears to have realised that prevention can be better than cure.

An initiative has been announced to provide funding for disadvantaged families who are suffering parental conflict. 

Applications are being encouraged from local services, digital organisations, and organisations from the private and public sector to submit bids for 'pioneering approaches' to support these families.

More information is available on the Reducing Parental Conflict Challenge Fund website.

This is very positive and any assistance that can be provided is likely to be helpful. It is these families that can often find themselves entangled with social services, so if something can happen earlier rather than later, this must be good.

However, the amount involved ( £2.7million)  does sound low  and will not go far. It will not replace the assistance that used to be provided by early intervention from existing services, who now find that they cannot offer that help as they can only deal with cases that have escalated. 

In addition, these families used to be assisted by legal aid and advice from appropriately qualified solicitors, again, save for the most extreme cases, this is no longer available.