A fascinating piece of research popped up in my On Line Newsletter - Family Law Week - a Newsletter that was recommended to me a number of years ago, and which I fully endorse. It is an excellent way to keep up to date.

The research has looked at how many people start an on line divorce petition compared to how many actually finish the divorce. 

We are part of the on line pilot with respect to divorce, and assist clients with respect to the divorce, and have not found that clients are abandoning their divorces but maybe if you are acting in person and starting a divorce on line at home without the full advice and consideration from a family solicitor it is different.

The research shows that the  percentages for completing the divorce are less favourable that the paper process, possibly the easier accessibility is resulting in less consideration of the consequences of issuing a divorce.

It is probably too early to come to any formal conclusions from the statistics, and there could be a myriad of reasons.

For example there could be a failure on the part of the person who started the divorce ( without legal help) to know what to do if the process does not proceed smoothly. I have had clients in this position, they started the divorce and then they get stuck.

 It will take more time to find out, but it is interesting to consider that attitudes about divorce may well be changing due to a change in process.